A Major Award! (not really)

Guess what happened when  I stopped writing on my blog for over 2 months because I was too lazy/depressed/busy/distracted to pay any attention to it? Anyone care to guess?



No one? Alright, fine. I’ll tell you. I was given some blogging awards by two fantastic bloggers! TWO! Pretty great for an underachiever, eh? To be fair, I was given the same award by both of them, but it’s still awesome to know that people actually pay attention to my blog even when I’m not here.

I started this blog in May of 2011 because I was always convinced that I could write. I have kept journals as far back as I can remember, and would write everything down in them. I’d even carry them with me wherever I went, so as not to miss the chance to write down some amazing random idea (which never really happened, btw). I’ve been an infrequent poster since the beginning of this blog, and I’ve discovered over the last year and a half, that writing doesn’t come as naturally to me as I once thought. I feel like I should have this grand idea before writing anything. Everyone tells me to just write. Sit down and write and the words will come. Baloney.

I mean, in some ways it is true, but only if I have an idea in mind first; and even then it’s difficult. I have so many unfinished and unpublished posts, that they probably outnumber the published ones. But whatever. My biggest problem is that I compare myself to other bloggers; even when I know that it’s counterproductive. I need to accept that I’m no Mary Tyler Mom or Hands Free Mama. I’m just me; and apparently some people like me just the way I am. Heck, some of them even like me enough to read this here blog and give me fancy awards!

So, without any further ado, on with the award business!

First, the lovely Diary of an Unbreakable Mom gave me the award and I had to admit that I didn’t even know who she was. (Shame on me!) So I checked her out and found out who she is, and I discovered we have a lot in common!
Then, the ever funny and sweet Daddy Knows Less bestowed it upon me as well.  I knew I needed to make my return to this here blog to thank them for their kindness and for reading my lame excuse for a fledgling blog.

Now, when Unbreakable Mom gave it to me, this is what she said the rules were:

 How the Liebster Blog Award Works:
1.  Thank the Liebster Award presenter in your blog.
2.  Link back to the blogger who presented it to you.
3.  Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4.  Present the award to 5 blogs that deserve to be noticed.
5.  Let them know they have been presented with the Liebster Award by commenting on their blog/FB page.
6.  Grab a rain stick and do a rain dance.
7.  Buy a birthday cake, sing the “happy birthday” song backwards, and make a wish.
8.  High five yourself, because you are awesome.


I’m pretty sure she made up those last 3, but I did them anyway for good measure. Mmm…cake. 

When Daddy Knows Less gave me the award, this was his version of the rules:

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
4. Choose 11 people to award, and send them a link to your post. Go to their page and tell     them.
5. No tag backs.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the original rules were for the Liebster Award, so I Googled it, of course. This is what I found, along with other buttons for it and varied rules, so who knows? Either way, I’m honored to receive it!

11 Things About Me:

1. I am a textbook Pisces. Born on 3/3, I am sensitive, creative, emotional, and an idealistic dreamer, which has gotten me nowhere. I’ve got a lot of good ideas, but they never pan out. I’m also a procrastinator of EPIC proportions.

2. I LOVE potatoes. If you can imagine a way they can be cooked and eaten, I am so there.

3. I identify myself as a bisexual woman, but really might be considered more pansexual. I am attracted to men, women, some transgendered folks, and just about anyone else in-between. It took me most of my life to fully understand this and accept myself for who I am, instead of trying to fit into just one category.

4. My son has 2 middle names, because the name I picked out for him just didn’t suit him when he was born. He was to be Maxwell Lennon LastName, but he was too sweet and soft to be a Maxwell, so the bio-father and I had to come up with another name before leaving the hospital. We were flipping through the baby name book and stumbled on the name Lucas that I had highlighted at some point, and it just fit. So his name is Lucas Maxwell Lennon LastName. I couldn’t drop the original name, no matter how hard I tried. He also has the bio-father’s last name- a decision I regret to this day.

5. I got married last year to a band geek that I met originally in junior high (middle school). We went to the homecoming dance together as “just friends” our senior year of high school, and after graduation, didn’t see or speak to each other again until 13 years later on MySpace. Then 2 years went by and we reconnected on facebook, and the rest is history.

6. I like rodents. I think they’re adorable. All of them. We currently have a guinea pig named Sir Henry Reginald Piggerton IV. We call him Henry so he doesn’t get a swelled head over the whole being knighted thing.

7. My favorite colors are green and orange.

8. I LOVE books. I don’t read them as often as I’d like these days, but I used to read at least one book a week. My favorite genres are fantasy, erotica, and memoirs; but I’ll read almost anything, except mysteries and romance crap

9. I’m a nerd. I’ve been nerdy since I was a kid and other kids would make fun of my ears, clothes, and last name; amongst other things. They even put spitballs in my hair on the bus, just because they could. I was bullied, picked on, and cast out from a very early age, and while I’d like to say it helped me grow as a person, it really didn’t. All it did was crush my self-esteem; and it’s still a tiny, mangled mess to this day.

10. I used to LOVE cats and other pets until I had them myself, then I decided they’re more trouble than they’re worth. I know that sounds mean, but it is what it is. I have 3 kids to clean up after and feed, I do not need pets, too. (of course, we have pets and guess who takes care of them mostly?)

11. I’m not a very girly girl. I hate pink and flowery shit and glitter and sequins. I don’t wear much jewelry or makeup, and I’m fine with that. I do, however, consider myself feminine. Do you know the difference between girly and feminine? I do.

11 Questions for me to answer:

1. The best gift you ever received?
Would it be cliche’d to say my son? He is the most amazing thing in the world to me. Also, he’s the gift that keeps on giving!

My boy.

2. The best gift you ever gave?
Umm….again with my son? I gave him life, yo. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and I gave myself to my hubby when we got married. I’m a pretty awesome present, if you ask me. 

3. What do you think are your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse?
Well, I watch a LOT of zombie movies and TV shows, and consider myself pretty educated about zombie awareness and survival skills. I mean, I know that you have to aim for their heads. I know not to hang around once they’re down, and I’d totally be willing to sacrifice people to save myself and my loved ones. The only problem I might run into is the fact that I’m fat and I do not run. I suppose if I had a brain-eating zombie chasing me, I’d be able to move pretty quickly, but I don’t have faith in my running ability. Maybe I could wear rollerskates? 

4. What’s on your DVR right now?
Umm…I don’t have a DVR. I don’t even have cable. BUT if I did have a DVR, then you’d find Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Modern Family, and anything about sex, zombies, or outer space. 

5. The 5 most played songs on your i-pod are?
I don’t own an i-pod. I do own a cheap Mp3 player, but I never use it. I’m not a huge fan of technology, and I don’t feel the need to own every new-fangled gadget. That being said, we could look at my Spotify and see what I listen to most often. Narrowing it down to songs would be tricky, so I’ll just say artists. Steam Powered Giraffe, Amanda Palmer, The Avett Brothers, Tori Amos, and Ben Folds

6. One movie that you absolutely HAVE to watch when it’s on? Just one.
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

7. In 10 words or less, why do you write/blog?
I have to get the thoughts out of my head.

8. What’s your catchphrase?
I’m pretty sure I don’t have one. 

9. The most clever Halloween costume you’ve ever had?
I’m not very clever. My costumes have always been lame. *shrug* 

10. One thing you’re really bad at?
Time management. 

11. Your favorite board game?
I love backgammon, but I never get to play because it seems like no one knows how to. I also love Trivial Pursuit. I know a LOT of useless information. 

11 Questions for Those Being Awarded:

1. What is your earliest memory?
2. What are your personal religious/spiritual beliefs?
3. Favorite comfort food?
4. Are you crafty? If so, what’s your crafting niche?
5. Who do you think is hotter- Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr?
6. What’s your astrological sign? Do you believe in astrology?
7. How many countries have you been to? Which ones?
8. Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Opinion?
9. Which decade do you feel like you belong in? Why?
10. Do you garden? If yes, what kind of gardening do you do?
11. What blows your mind more- outer space or life as we know it?

11 Bloggers I am Giving the Award to: 

1. Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind
2. The Single Crunch
3. Pile of Babies
4. Corbyn Hanson Hightower
5. Whoredinary
6. A Morning Grouch
7. MyRadDad
8. A Wordsmith’s Brainworks
9. Looking for My Escape
10. The Crumb Diaries
11. Edward Hotspur

Thank you again, to Daddy Knows Less and Diary of an Unbreakable Mom for the award. You guys rock.
I hope you all had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it.

Until next time-


About kantal113

I am a woman who just wants to share her crazy life with the rest of y’all. I am also a housekeeper, laundrette, babysitter, cook, teacher, caregiver, facilities manager, psychologist, and kisser-of-boo-boos. Better known as a mom.
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30 Responses to A Major Award! (not really)

  1. The fact that I now know a blog named “Whoredinary” exists makes this whole charade worth it to me. That and your lovely answers, little Miss Literal. Ipod/MP3/Spotify whatever. You know what I mean. Aw who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at you. I enjoyed this so much. Even though I knew some of it already. I learned so much more. Thanks for playing! And speaking of playing – Trivial Pursuit? Game. On. Name the time and place.

    • kantal113 says:

      Haha. Whoredinary is a very unique blog, too. The name pretty much says it all. It’s fascinating to read!
      I take most things literally. It drives Chris crazy. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you again for giving it to me. (the award! I’m talking about the award! heh heh)
      Game on, indeed.

  2. joy asher says:

    Nice Job Karin. I am not one to read blogs, but I enjoy what you write. I guess I look at blogs as a journal so I suggest you treat it as one and just let it rip, if it helps you out of the funk, relieves stress and helps you puzzle out dilemmas. I am always here to lead an ear , when you need it. It pains me to know you felt like an outcast as a kid, I hate it.

    • kantal113 says:

      Thanks, Joy. Blogs are like journals, and some people use them as just that. I tend to write whatever is inspiring me at the moment, and then when someone gives me a blogger award I feel like I should return the favor. 🙂
      I have felt like an outcast most of my life, not even just as a kid. I thought I was over that, but once I became a mom, it started all over again with the mommy cliques. I don’t fit into any of them.
      Thanks again, you’re too sweet! xoxo

      • joy asher says:

        I don’t do mommy cliques, I have few girl friends and in general have a disdain for most people. I am brash , opinionated, honest to a fault and expect people to take me or leave me. These traits totally contradicted my profession btw. But I wasn’t always this way as you may recall I once was a perky band geek , life and getting screwed over made me who I am. You are a intelligent , honest, loving wife and mother who doesn’t have to conform to anyone’s ideal . Get to writing girl I want more :}

      • kantal113 says:

        I hate most people, too. LOL! I am also brash, opinionated, and honest to a fault. And I feel the same way. Take me as I am, or go away.
        You’re too kind with your comments, but thank you. I haven’t felt the need to conform since I was a pre-teen, and I don’t plan on starting now.
        Thank you so much. We need to get together sometime soon! xoxo

  3. What I love about you? It comes through this post so clearly … you are you … no apologies, no explanations, no BS … just beautiful, authentic, oh so real YOU. And every time you visit my page and leave a comment, I feel good. Because your authenticity is contagious. And when you speak your mind, it motivates me to speak mine. And I’ll admit, I am a “pleaser,” so I wish to surround myself with those who are strong enough to say, “This is ME. Take it or leave it.”

    Congratulations on your awards. How beautiful to see that others see what I see. Beauty in realness. You are a gift.


    • kantal113 says:

      Oh my goodness, Rachel. I don’t even know what to say to this comment. I am crying over here. Don’t you have any idea how inspirational you are to me? And to have you reading my blog and saying such wonderful things about me is just too much.
      Thank you a thousand times. Your words mean a lot to me. Truly.

      I try to just be me as often as possible. I must admit that there are many times, especially in the “real world” where I don’t feel like the real me is acceptable; so I tone it down a bit and omit things that others might not like about me.
      I feel more free to fully express myself here because the internet gives us some amount of anonymity, and I’m not afraid to offend people here. If someone doesn’t like what I have to say, they don’t have to read my blog. If someone in my “real life” doesn’t like what I have to say, it can make for many awkward and uncomfortable moments.
      Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment with such kind words. It is YOU who are the gift. Love and light, friend. xoxo

    • Chris says:

      Dang. That’s a pretty fancy message you got from Ms. Rachel. Lucky.

  4. I love that you won two awards while you were on a blogging hiatus. 🙂 Classic. And…who cares if you took two months off? Stop comparing yourself to the bloggers who write 18 posts a day. I mean, really, who can keep up with that kind of reading?

    • kantal113 says:

      I know, I know. The problem is that I WANT to be writing more. I just don’t prioritize it well. I waste too much time on facebook most days. Not to mention all the housework and kid-related stuff I do daily. It feels like such a huge obstacle to try and write more often.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. You rock.

      • Oh my goodness, I seriously read the whole post EXCEPT the list of bloggers you gave the award too. Hah. THANKS! And…fitting since I just published my first post in TWO MONTHS also!

      • kantal113 says:

        Haha! Nice. Congrats on that sweet little Baby Grouch, btw. OMG what a little muffin she is!

  5. Donnell Jeansonne says:

    Thank you so much!

  6. pileofbabies says:

    Aw! Thanks, hot stuff!!! I love your writing. It means a lot to me that you like mine too. 🙂


    • kantal113 says:

      You are welcome! And thanks for liking my stuff. I talk shit about it most of the time, but I think it’s pretty okay. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  7. Jupiter says:

    THANK YOU, darlin’! 🙂

    WHOREDINARY! I wish that was my blog name. Although ,I do like the name I have.

    By the way…I remember you commenting one time on one of my “About” pages and saying that we’re twins? I see the twin thing here.

    • kantal113 says:

      I know! I don’t even know how I found her blog, but it’s fascinating.
      Yay for twins. Except you’re a few years older than me, right? I always get the feeling that we’re the same age. Thanks for reading and commenting and for writing an interesting and awesome blog! xoxo

  8. SHAWEET! Thanks Karin. I really appreciate the nod. I’m still pretty new to the blogger world. It’s awesome to meet and read blogs and peeps like yours and you.

    Keep up the good work!

    • kantal113 says:

      You are totally welcome! This award is meant for fledgling blogs like yours, so it’s a perfect fit! Thank you for reading and commenting! I’m glad I discovered you through BI.

  9. Thank you for thinking of me enough to grant me this award, Karin. I recently made a hype post of some bloggers I’ve been fond of lately, but I will answer your questions in a future post. That likely means in the next two days. I post a lot.

  10. Chris says:

    I actually didn’t learn anything new here. Very disappointing. Alright, to be fair, I live with you. I’ll cut you some slack. This time…

  11. If it’s a cliche to say your kid is the best gift ever, then we’re all living that cliche.

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