Inspired by Imperfection

It’s that time again. Time for me to write. It’s something I feel for a week or two before I actually do it. It starts as an annoying twitch and gets worse and worse until I have a horrible rash from constantly scratching the itch.

Writing is something I have almost always wanted to do. I used to write poetry back in my youth and religiously kept a journal well into my 20s. I also started a couple of stories that never got anywhere. I always say that I can’t write until I’m inspired to do so, but then I end up writing so infrequently that there’s almost no point.
I’m hoping one day I realize that I only need to start writing to write.

So with that itch unrelenting, I sit down today to write. Oh, but what to write about? There’s so much to say, but how to say it?


I could write about the gorgeous weather or the color of the sky. I could write about my undying love for my beautiful, perfect only to me son. I could write about the arguments my husband and I get in on an almost daily basis. The antics of my son and niece playing together might make for a funny story, as well. Hell, I could write an entire post about all the things I could write about.

That would just be silly.

Do you know what else is silly? Waiting for inspiration to find you. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike so you can write about it. Everything in this painfully beautiful life is worthy of being written down and immortalized. I can’t think of anything I’d want to get rid of, because without every detail as is, then nothing is perfect at all.

Everything is perfect, and yet…everything is imperfect. And it’s those imperfections that make things interesting. It’s the in-betweens that make life so ridiculously worth living.
It’s not the trip to the carnival that is the most memorable, but the smiles on my boys’ faces when they get to go down the giant slide over and over and over again.
It’s not the movie on the screen that is the coolest part of going to the theatre, but the snuggles I get from my boy during the movie that I’ll remember forever.

Over and over and over and over and over again…

This weekend, our family is going to the World Steam Expo to see my newest obsession, Steam Powered Giraffe. It is going to be amazeballs! The music and performance of this group is like nothing I have ever seen, and I am so over the moon excited about it!
We’ll even get a chance to meet the guys and ask questions. SO COOL!
I’m really excited to see how my boys will react to their first live concert. It should be a good weekend for everyone. We are even staying overnight in the hotel to make the most of the Expo. We’ll spend some time at the pool and maybe do some shopping at the nearby mall in-between the group’s events.
And I also plan on using my mind-control powers on the robots to make them think we’re the coolest people they’ve ever met so they’ll decide to hang out with us and sip margaritas by the pool. Oh, yes.

The Jon, Rabbit, and The Spine. Just add me and margaritas, and we can call it a party!
photo property of Steam Powered Giraffe.


Seriously though, what I am most looking forward to are the memories of the in-betweens. The unexpected moments and imperfections of life while we’re at the event. It should prove interesting and perhaps even provide me with some of that ever elusive inspiration I so often say I need.

Singing steampunk robot mimes + my crazy spawn+ the ever unpredictable behavior of the oldest step-son+ the drama of the wee step-son+ the awesomeness of my hubby+ me+ a hotel pool+ sweltering heat= a trainwreck.
So yeah…it should inspire me. To do what, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you guys know.

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend. I know I will.

With a bit of Ju Ju Magic~


About kantal113

I am a woman who just wants to share her crazy life with the rest of y’all. I am also a housekeeper, laundrette, babysitter, cook, teacher, caregiver, facilities manager, psychologist, and kisser-of-boo-boos. Better known as a mom.
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9 Responses to Inspired by Imperfection

  1. Chris says:

    Great post, love. I am sorry that we argue so often these days. We’re figuring it out.

    It’ll be a great weekend. You know how I’ve been listening to this audio book by Dr. Dyer? Your post today ties in pretty well with some of the Tao Te Ching. The 11th verse (one I listened to this morning) comes to mind. Google it if you’re curious. The space in between. What is, is defined by the void it comes out of and the space between its parts.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hello beautiful!

    I am so happy that you wrote this blog. Since you moved away, I’ve missed hearing you speak your brains and often check your blog to see if you have any new thoughts.

    I like the in-between spaces and have recently been acknowledging that I am one of those who exist in these spaces. I hope that you have a fun weekend being a steam punk chic. Rabbit is oh so hott. With 2 t’s!


    • kantal113 says:

      Thank you, dear Amanda. I miss you, too. I exist in those spaces with you, friend. This weekend will be fun, indeed. I wasn’t planning on dressing steam punk, but the closer we get to tomorrow, the more I want to dress up. No idea how to achieve that look though. No matter. I’ll have fun no matter how I’m dressed.
      And yes, Rabbit is so, so hott. With 2 ts. I’m glad I’m not the only gal who thinks so and isn’t ashamed to admit it.
      If you want to see their stuff at the Expo, check out their livestream.

    • kantal113 says:

      Also- You know what’s interesting? Rabbit and The Spine are twin brothers named Christopher and David. The makeup makes them look not at all alike. I still have the hots for Rabbit and not The Spine. *shrug* I guess I like the steam punk era robot better than the 40s era robot. 🙂

  3. Currie Rose says:

    What a beautiful line, “Everything in this painfully beautiful life is worthy of…..” Thank you. In my current life, I would finish that with “a chance…” Why not, right?

    Sounds like a fun weekend you all have in store. Can’t wait to hear how you find inspiration from it all.


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