Getting My Feet Wet

I have finally decided to dive into the blogosphere. It seems overwhelming and intimidating, to say the least, but I like to write. I just haven’t had motivation for a while now. I blame many years of depression for that, but that’s a topic for another day. I should start by introducing myself or something. Or at the very least, I should write about something upbeat and positive. Right? Hmm…

So, about me…I am what I am. Popeye said it best, I think (actually, I think he said I yam what I yam). Wasn’t there something else about spinach and olive oil and sweet peas, too? Man, that guy sure liked food. How come I never noticed that before?

I digress- this is a blog about me and my life and all of the craziness that it encompasses. 3 kids, one is my biological spawn; a fiance’ who is divorced and came with the 2 other kids, one of whom has ASD and other special needs; my estranged, dysfunctional family and lots, LOTS more! Sounds like some kind of party, huh? Oh, it gets so much better, let me tell you. Let’s add to that mix, blended families and bi-racial children and ADHD and some other fun quirks just to make it that much more interesting.

I am hoping this blog becomes a kind of therapy for me and helps “fix” what many years of living in dysfunctional relationships has done to me. I am finally in a relationship that is healthy and it seems like nearly everything and everyone outside of that relationship wants to tear it down and set it on fire and dance around the ashes. Yes, it does seem that dramatic from where I’m standing. I think I can even smell smoke…

So, if you want to read about love, life, children, craziness, depression, and just a lot of good, old-fashioned fun, then I expect you to come back for my future posts. I warn you though, I am brutally honest and I do tend to swear when I’m all heated up and in the moment. I’m not afraid to spew the contents of my twisted mind out into this blog to make it as intense and emotional as I need it to be in order to feel better about whatever it is that’s gnawing away at me; especially if it’s a small animal or child doing the gnawing. I am not a chew toy.

So why write a blog? Why add more junk to the growing pile? The answer is simple.
I want people to read about me and my life and relate and tell me how well-spoken I am and how much they enjoy reading my posts. I want my blog to grow to epic proportions like those of and Nikki Knepper’s ‘Moms Who Drink and Swear’ and Dan Pearce’s ‘Single Dad Laughing’ . I want my name on the lips of other stay at home moms and dads. I want to become a household name. I want branding, and licensing and, and, and…
Ahh…who am I kidding? I want to blog because I’m bored. Sure I’d like people to read it, but it really and truly is about me finding myself, connecting with people, and feeling less crazy and alone.

And with that, I will bid you adieu and thank you for taking the time to read this. I promise something interesting in every future post. Well, mostly interesting at least, but it may only end up kind of interesting at times. What if some days it’s not at all interesting? What if I get writer’s block and can’t come up with anything interesting to say?? What if…???
Let’s be honest here, I can’t be spot-on and entertaining for everyone all the time, can I? Of course, everything is relative, so…what’s interesting to me may not be interesting to you. What I can promise is openness and honesty and a willingness to make people slightly uncomfortable most of the time. 🙂

Yes, those are my adorable feet.

With cold, wet feet~


About kantal113

I am a woman who just wants to share her crazy life with the rest of y’all. I am also a housekeeper, laundrette, babysitter, cook, teacher, caregiver, facilities manager, psychologist, and kisser-of-boo-boos. Better known as a mom.
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22 Responses to Getting My Feet Wet

  1. Peggy in Texas says:

    Loved your first try … keep writing, you are probably really helping someone else, although, by your own admission, it’ all about you … wink, wink … 🙂

  2. kantal113 says:

    Well thanks, Peggy in Texas! 🙂 I do plan on writing more. I’ve been really inspired by many other bloggers lately, including my fiance’. Plus, like I said, I’ve always loved to write. 🙂 I hope to do some work to my homepage and add some ways to subscribe and follow me. So, how’d you find me? Visit again soon. I plan on writing as often as the mood strikes. 😀

  3. Joanna Schrec says:

    Sounds like a party to me! 🙂

    Summer is coming quickly, we should hang out sometime soon!

    • kantal113 says:

      Thanks for reading, Joanna! Summer is coming quickly! Where, oh where did the school year go? Weren’t we supposed to hang out several months back? LOL

  4. Kara says:

    Keep blogging!!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Karin, you so totally rock in so many ways! I am already a faithful follower! HUGZ!!!

  6. Joe'l says:

    I get it. I often said there should be a book, a blog, or instruction guide for blended families. Kids and relationships just don’t come with those instructions, do they? The dynamics of blenders are something most common-folk wouldn’t understand. Thank goodness for the solid foundation, without that, all the chaos would certainly bring it down. I’m interested…keep writing.

    • kantal113 says:

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Joe’l. 🙂 Yeah, the blended family dynamic is crazy. There are books, actually and lots of other resources out there to make it a little easier. I haven’t read any books yet, but I do follow a woman on facebook who does blended family counseling. She offers up good advice and helpful information.
      It’s a LOT of work, and we’re still in the early stages, so we have a long way to go! I’m sure I’ll write about it in the future. Thanks again for stopping by!

  7. melanie says:

    yo..or something… i got ya bookmarked so keep it coming .. i like even slightyly unintresting things so even if ur having an off day.. im in!! zoo soonish i have three more stockpiled weekends of not fun the i can make a date with u and your hooligans!!! love u see u soon

  8. kelly says:

    Keep writing!!! I love this! 🙂

    • kantal113 says:

      Oh my goodness! Thanks! It’s just my first 2 attempts, but I feel pretty okay about it. The response has been better than I expected, and now I am feeling pressure to put out more interesting and funny posts. I am humbled to have some of my favorite bloggers leave me such positive feedback. You, included! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’ll visit again whenever I decide what to post next. I’ve been working on a couple posts, but I can’t seem to finish them and they seem somewhat scattered still…I have a problem with staying on topic, I guess.
      Any tips on how to be an awesome blogger such as yourself? 🙂

  9. Smommy says:

    Aw, Love me some of you lady. Now I don’t feel so alone! Thank you from another crazy lazy mom!

  10. smommy says:

    I believe I found you via Daddy knows Less >> From the bungalow… I love reading parental blogs… I feel less alone in this world. But yes, I have a little smommy blog here. I just started it not too long ago so is a bit in conceptual mode…. Keep writing, it’s inspiring to me!

    • kantal113 says:

      Ahh, yes. I do know those bloggers. Mister Bungalow is my hubby. 🙂
      I do love reading parenting blogs. They are helpful and inspiring and funny and crazy and help promote that sense of community and solidarity that I don’t get in my daily life.
      I still have a hard time believing that anyone could be inspired by my blog and the crazy stuff I write. It’s mind boggling. Thank you so much for visiting and reading and commenting and stuff! It does mean a LOT! Glad you found me!

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